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    The Archibald Cameron House was built in 1845. It was originally located down on Upper Little River close to where Barbecue Creek feeds in.

    By 1870 Archibald had lost the house and the Withers Family bought it, but based on the style and features of the house it would not have predated Archibald. Mr. Withers raised eight children in this house. Descendants from the Withers Family have come up from Georgia to visit the property.

It has a Mud-n-Stick chimney, also known as Wattle. At one time there would have been thousands of them in the state. Now there are very few left, Mr. Patterson knows of five that are still around including this one. When he bought this house the chimney was missing so he recreated it based on the notching in the end of the house where the chimney is.

Archibald Cameron

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