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Edwin Patterson

Roy Patterson

Floyd Douglas, Greg Talbott, and Roy Patterson

Without the help of his good friends and family Mr. Patterson would not have been able to save as many buildings as he has.

Floyd Douglas

Since 1981 Mr. Edwin Patterson has been finding and saving buildings that give us a glimpse into the lifestyles of early North Carolina settlers. He has organized all the homes in a central location in Harnett County, NC.

Once he finds a building that he wants to save he spends months carefully disassembling  all of the buildings parts and labeling everything so that once it is moved he can put it back together. He restores the buildings to as close as their original forms as possible and he also takes the time to research each building to learn about when it was built and what family lived in it.

The oldest home on the property is the Joseph Matthews Cabin and it dates back to 1772.

To contact Mr. Patterson please email: