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Learn more about the tools and techniques used on this house.

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The Joseph Matthew's Cabin was built in 1772. It was originally located in Harnett County on Neil’s Creek near the Kipling Community. Joseph and his boys moved to Harnett County from Edgecombe County in the spring of 1772 and immediately bought some land.


    A Dendro-Read helped Mr. Patterson date the house. It is a first generation house that most likely was built as soon as they got the land. The house is fairly unique as it is the only house that Mr. Patterson knows about that uses Pit-Saw Planking in the construction.

    Joseph died in 1791 and in his will he left his hand tools to one of his sons. They would have been things like a pit saw that they built the house with, indicating that he was probably a carpenter.

Joseph Matthews

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